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04 June 2019

SecurEnvoy launches MFA-as-a-Service

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12 April 2019

Phil Higgins appointed Group CEO

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9 April 2019

Acquisition of certain assets of Secarma

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White Paper: Digital Resilience
Understanding the Challenges of Resilience in Digital Environments

Register to download our White Paper on digital resilience, a dynamic state of continual evolution and learning within the digital environment. The White Paper helps readers understand the challenges we face, proposes an assessment framework of key questions for leaders to define, identify and address digital resilience issues within their organisations and outlines the principles of a strategic process to identify digital resilience issues both from a business and technology perspective and address them through the development of organisational capabilities.

Download the White Paper here

Unlocking business and
customer potential

Shearwater Group is an AIM-listed company focused on building a UK based group providing digital resilience solutions.

Our aim is to acquire and develop information security, cyber and cyber security companies with a leading product, solution or service capability whose full potential can be unlocked through active management and capital investment.

We will deploy a ‘buy, focus, grow’ strategy to deliver enhanced value through our acquisitions and help to solve the core scaling issues faced by SME information security and cyber security companies.


Meet Our
Leadership Team

Shearwater Group has assembled a senior leadership team with substantial experience operating within the high technology, cyber, information security, digital and communication sectors, and a track record of delivering shareholder value through accelerated buy and build processes.

We intend to leverage this experience to create a UK based group providing digital resilience solutions.

Meet the Team

Our Strategy


Digital resilience companies
with a leading product, solution
or service capability


Alleviate inhibitors
to growth


Unlock untapped potential
across the portfolio