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14th December 2017

SecurEnvoy helps trailblazing cryptocurrency and gaming business bring true security to its users through SecurAccess

Cryptocurrencies are growing at an exponential rate as they shift from being the reserve of the tech geek into a recognised form of currency for a range of consumer activities. As the technology and the markets it’s traded on mature, there’s an increasing need for dependable security solutions that give cryptocurrency users the same level of protection as they’d expect from any other financial transaction.

Until now, that hasn’t always been the case, resulting in some high-profile cryptocurrency frauds costing user’s substantial sums of crypto and ‘real’ cash. But that is about to change, thanks to SecurEnvoy’s ground-breaking relationship with Titus, a new force in the cryptocurrency sector. The partnership will provide Titus’s users levels of security that are inline with traditional banking regulations.

Using SecurAccess, users of Titus Coin and Payens, the currency exchange on which it will be traded, merchants, and gamers using Titus Coin in online games such as Aragon Rift and Spring, will be able to keep themselves and their investments safe with a convenient, but fully secure Single Sign-On.

Read the full story on the SecurEnvoy website.

SecurEnvoy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shearwater Group plc.

31st October 2017

SecurEnvoy Release much-anticipated SecurAccess Version 9

SecurEnvoy, a Shearwater Group company, has released the latest and most advanced version of their successful SecurAccess user authentication solution. The latest iteration, which is expected to generate interest from existing clients looking to upgrade and new customers looking to bolster their data security, adds a number of features to make administrators’ and end-users’ lives easier and more secure.

Find out more about on the SecurEnvoy website.

13th October 2017

Xcina briefing on How to Prepare for GDPR through Digital Resilience

A team from Xcina, a Shearwater Group company, briefed the South Wales GDPR Cluster on How to Prepare for GDPR through Digital Resilience at The Life Sciences Hub in Cardiff, Wales on 4 October 2017.

The briefing was given by Kevin Porter, Wayne Grundy, Paul Kenealy and Allan Stevens, and was also supported by Jason Dunlop. The briefing was very well received and was followed by an hour-long Q&A.

The briefing outlined the need for companies to create a digitally secure culture in order to be ready to meet GDPR requirements.

Kevin Porter, Business Development Director, Xcina commented: “This was a good opportunity for Xcina to highlight the issues around GDPR and explain how we can help companies be GDPR ready as part of a wider digitally resilient and aware workforce.”

A follow up seminar and tutorial has been arranged for early in the new year.

11th October 2017

SecurEnvoy awarded first B2C contract

We are pleased to announce that our portfolio company, SecurEnvoy, has been awarded its first Business-to-Consumer ("B-2-C") contract under its new growth strategy.

Acquired by the Group in May 2017, SecurEnvoy is a leading provider of award-winning multifactor authentication ("MFA") software solutions, which utilise a user's mobile device as the 'something you own' component of MFA. The business has enabled over 1,000 organisations across the world to bolster their identity and access management security with innovative and easy to deploy authentication solutions, which maximise the value of a customer's existing technology infrastructure.

The award of SecurEnvoy's inaugural B-2-C contract demonstrates the universal application of the business' MFA software and emphasises how the criticality of authenticating a user is moving beyond the enterprise to mainstream consumer applications.

Whilst the terms of the contract are confidential, it is expected to generate income for the Company for a minimum period of the next three years.

Michael (Mo) Stevens, Group Chief Executive Officer of Shearwater Group plc, commented: "This is a great win for SecurEnvoy and an important growth milestone since the team joined Shearwater in May this year. The opportunities for integrating the business' authentication software within B-2-C platforms are considerable and we are delighted to have secured what we hope to be many new wins under this expanded strategy."

Find out more about SecurAccess on the SecurEnvoy website.

10th October 2017

Shearwater Group plc continues progress - AGM and Operational Update

On 29 September 2017 Shearwater Group held its AGM.

Following the meeting, David Williams, Chairman of Shearwater Group, commented:

"We are delighted with the progress we have made as a Group since the turn of the year. With the foundations we now have in place, we look forward to the second half of the year with a great deal of confidence.”

All resolutions put to the meeting were passed and an operational update was given for the six months to the end of September. The headlines were:

Shearwater Group’s transformation plan is substantively complete;
We have fully transitioned the first two acquisitions, comprising SecurEnvoy and Newable Consulting (rebranded Xcina Consulting), across to the Group; and
The Group is trading in line with management expectations and has a growing pipeline of further acquisition opportunities.

Mo Stevens, CEO of Shearwater Group, added:

“We are very pleased with the results so far. As a team, we have delivered all of the key milestones we set ourselves during the past year and I’m confident that we will continue to grow and strengthen our Group by bringing together innovative companies to develop digital resilience.”

4th October 2017

SecurAccess V9 to be released on 31 October 2017

We are pleased to announce that SecurEnvoy, a Shearwater Group plc subsidiary that provides identity and access management, will release the Version 9 update to their industry leading multifactor authentication solution, SecurAccess, on 31 October 2017.

In line with SecurEnvoy’s strategy of providing innovative, easy to deploy enterprise grade authentication solutions, Version 9 will offer significant administrator focused revisions, including a fully redeveloped reporting dashboard and improved server-side integrations. In addition, new functionality, including payment authentication, single tap near field communication authentication, and a new app interface are also incorporated, which will enhance the overall end user experience.

Michael (Mo) Stevens, Group Chief Executive Officer of Shearwater Group plc, commented: "We are excited about the developments Andy and Steve have made to SecurEnvoy’s core product and its potential as a key enabler to our regional expansion strategy. These upgrades will substantially improve the end user experience and maintain the industry leading security standards our customers expect at a time where well-publicised data breaches continue to highlight the criticality of robust user authentication across organisations of all sizes."

Find out more about SecurAccess on the SecurEnvoy website.

2nd October 2017

SecurEnvoy strengthens presence in Europe

SecurEnvoy, a Shearwater Group company, has formally established its first European subsidiary, SecurEnvoy GmbH, based in Munich, Germany.

As pioneers in the development of Tokenless® authentication, SecurEnvoy has enabled over 1,000 organisations across the world to bolster their identity and access management security safeguards with innovative and easy to deploy authentication solutions, which maximise the value of a customers’ existing technology infrastructure and enable a user to authenticate at anytime and anywhere.

SecurEnvoy GmbH will provide an ideal platform from which to expand the provision of these leading authentication products and solutions to the European market.

“Our engagement in the D-A-CH and BeNeLux region as well as our growing activities in Eastern Europe have shown the need for stronger regional representation of SecurEnvoy. We’re growing our footprint by expanding our partner and channel network and also recruiting additional team members to provide our products and services to meet the evolving needs of customers.” says Fabian Guter, newly appointed Managing Director of SecurEnvoy GmbH.

Steve Watts, Global Sales Director and Co-Founder of SecurEnvoy added: “We are delighted to establish our subsidiary in Germany as it’s a key part of our growth plan for the business. As our regional representative for the last two years, Fabian’s established relationships with customers has shown the considerable potential for growth in the region and he will lead the expansion to satisfy that potential.”

“We are delighted to be able to support Fabian and Steve with incremental investment from Shearwater Group. It’s great to see SecurEnvoy growing and strengthening its local presence not only in Central Europe but also in Scandinavia and the United States.” says Michael Stevens, CEO of Shearwater Group plc.

Visit the SecurEnvoy website.

28th September 2017

Paul Kenealy joins Xcina

We are pleased to announce that Paul Kenealy has joined us as Vice President, Managed Security Services to lead the expansion of the Services division of Xcina, the Company's recently launched information security and assurance solutions business.

Paul Kenealy joins us after leaving his position as Director of Threat Intelligence at Digital Shadows, the London and San Francisco-based cyber security firm, where he was responsible for expanding the company's cyber intelligence strategy and core product offering.

Paul has over 15 years' experience in cyber security, developing security operations, cyber risk management programs and leading investigation and response activities within some of the largest Government, finance, consulting and technology organisations in the world, including KPMG and Barclays.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Russian & Soviet Studies and a Master of Science in Information Security.

As Vice President, Managed Security Services, Paul will lead Xcina's Managed Security Service with primary responsibility for expanding the business' Security Operations Centre ("SOC") services, data analytics, threat intelligence and incident response capability.

Michael (Mo) Stevens, Group Chief Executive Officer of Shearwater Group plc, commented: "We are delighted to welcome Paul to Shearwater. His experience in cyber threat intelligence and leading security operations will allow us to shape the Xcina Services offering to meet the existing needs of customers, while adapting to the evolving challenges we face in the cyber world."

Paul Kenealy, added: "This is an exciting time for Xcina Services and we have the opportunity to establish the business as a leading provider of SOC services, data analytics, threat intelligence, and incident response. I'm pleased to be joining such a forward-thinking team with the support and backing of a Group that will enable us to invest in developing capabilities and services to deliver the best solutions for our customers."

Find out more about Xcina.

25th September 2017

SecurEnvoy continues its US expansion

SecurEnvoy, a leading UK based provider of award-winning multifactor authentication (“MFA”) software solutions has continued its international expansion through the opening of their US headquarters, based in Chicago, Illinois, reflecting a strong demand for the business’ MFA software solutions from its North American customer base.

Since the beginning of 2017, SecurEnvoy has increased its US workforce by over 20% with a focus on sales, marketing and technical engineering capability. In addition to the East and West coast offices, SecurEnvoy is now well poised to deliver against its regional growth strategy in North America.

Steve Watts, Global Sales Director and Co-Founder of SecurEnvoy commented: “As this market continues to evolve, we are seeing customers demanding easier authentication methods for their end-users. We are delighted that customers are choosing our products and that this is generating employment in the region.”

Doug Chase, Vice President Sales & Channel – Americas added: “SecurEnvoy is uniquely positioned to enable our channel partners to serve their customers by offering innovative and competitive cyber security technologies that protect their most important assets.”

“Our innovative tokenless multifactor authentication tool, coupled with ease of administration, allows for quick deployment and satisfied end-users. A win-win for our partners and customers. Our growth in the US confirms the need for the right security at the right time and that’s SecurEnvoy.”

Find out more about SecurEnvoy.

26th July 2017

The Shearwater Group launches Xcina Ltd

Joining Shearwater was like a breath of fresh air

Continuing with its strategy of buy, focus, grow, the Shearwater Group plc is pleased to announce the launch of Xcina Limited, a new Shearwater Group company.

Based in London, Xcina is focused on the provision of information security and assurance solutions and services aimed at helping companies prepare for the increasing legislative and regulatory demands on how data is held and processed, and the ongoing monitoring, analysis, detection and response to cyber threats and the protection of their critical information assets.

Xcina’s two service offerings comprise:

  • Xcina Consulting (formed through the acquisition of Newable Consulting), which is focused on providing governance, compliance, cyber security and technology risk assurance and advisory services.
  • Xcina Services, a provider of Security Operations Centre ("SOC") services, data analytics, threat intelligence, and incident response.

Xcina will also benefit from being able to leverage the collective expertise of the Group and access resources in support of its growth strategy.

Find out more about Xcina Ltd on the website: www.xcina.co.uk

20th July 2017

Steve Watts, co-founder of SecurEnvoy with Mo Stevens, Group CEO, Shearwater Group

Joining Shearwater was like a breath of fresh air

Steve Watts, Co-Founder of SecurEnvoy, now Sales and Marketing Director for the business as it joins the Shearwater Group tells us why he and Andy Kemshall founded the business and why this was the right time to become part of something bigger, for the team and customers:

Founding SecurEnvoy, “We thought there must be a better way…”

Andy and I were in IT security. We’d got to the point where we realised hardware token technology wasn’t going far enough, quickly enough. We thought there must be a better way. Rather than carrying around plastic tokens there had to be an alternative.

Andy had tried and tested the very first SMS to be sent with six numbers in real time replicating the concept of what you see on the token – but without a token.

We could see the future of tokenless and thought it was time to create a pioneering new British technology company that would be first to market.

Joining forces we started to develop two kinds of technology.

Tokenless – around the idea of proving your identity online using any device you carry around with you. When we were building this early in the 2000s, the internet and mobile phones were growing in popularity and we had the vision to see where we could take it.

And SecurMail – the concept of transferring information but not necessarily for remote access. This was so you could exchange information without any prior relationship between two parties and authenticate them to make sure the information was exchanged securely.

Our tokenless multi-factor authentication product, SecurAccess was accepted by the market. But at that time we were challenged to find a more robust and reliable method for delivery than SMS. One of the biggest challenges for companies is being in remote areas and not getting a signal. We listened and have now patented a product that does pre-loading. This means you’ve always got the code waiting on your device so you’re not stuck somewhere waiting to authenticate.

All the options we provide for authentication are ‘enterprise grade’, as it’s referred to in the US, or ‘business grade’ in Europe. It is 100% effective, because everyone authenticating needs to do so without delay; quickly and easily, every time.

We have customers across all sectors. We work with for companies of all sizes and provide a pricing structure for companies and organisations to find affordable. Some of our larger customers include: John Lewis and Waitrose, EE, Northumbrian Water, Travis Perkins, Save the Children and TATA. No sector is ignored nor is any type of organisation; from charities to publicly listed companies - we create solutions for all.

Our inventiveness sets us apart in the market. We really listen to customers. We develop a technology and put it out in Beta, then we listen so we can tailor it to what the business and industry needs. We address a marketplace that perhaps our competitors sometimes miss. We’ll patent the best of that technology that is fit for purpose and is absolutely secure.

Joining Shearwater Group, “the dynamic worked from day one…”

When we saw the opportunity with Shearwater it was like a breath of fresh air. We see authentication as the bedrock of security. The Shearwater concept going forward means our MFA technology will be the bedrock of digital resilience solutions across the Group.

There is honesty about the deal and everything that was offered up front is what was delivered at the end. That I think is a rarity in the marketplace. Two organisations with a common goal of stronger together, with a very similar ethos and honesty. The dynamic worked from day one.

Shearwater’s objective is to identify good, robust, innovative UK businesses with potential for growth. In SecurEnvoy they saw all those components: great team, innovative, and well positioned in the market. Another element Shearwater found attractive was our distribution channel model – everything was fit for purpose.

Now, we have the technology and the infrastructure to build a greater global business and the right environment to go and do it. We have already started to invest in and develop our products, grow our business opportunities, open new offices and expand out team. It is definitely the right move for our business, for our customers and channel partners.  Great news all round!

30th June 2017

SecurEnvoy, A Shearwater Group plc Company
Showcasing capabilities at Europe’s leading information security exhibition.

In June, SecurEnvoy exhibited their tokenless, multifactor authentication capabilities for the first time as a Shearwater Group plc company.

Attending InfoSecurity Europe (InfoSec) at London’s Olympia Exhibition Centre, Steve Watts, Co-Founder and Sales & Marketing Director of SecurEnvoy said:

“It’s great to be returning to InfoSec again, in now our ninth year at the show. With the added focus and investment by Shearwater there has been significant additional interest from customers and the InfoSec community. As a leading vendor in this space, our partnership with Shearwater enables us to continue to invest in our market-leading multifactor offering, which provides our customers with enhanced protection at a time where their critical information assets remain under constant threat.”

InfoSec is Europe’s number one information security event featuring the most relevant information security solutions and products and has over 13,500 visitors.

Find out more about SecurEnvoy on their website or sign up for their blog.

10 May 2017

Shearwater Group plc welcomes SecurEnvoy

Shearwater Group plc (the “Group” or the “Company”) welcomes SecurEnvoy, its partners and customers to the Group following the approval of the acquisition at the General Meeting of the Company’s shareholders held on the 8 May 2017.

SecurEnvoy is a leading UK based provider of multifactor authentication software solutions used by over 1,000 customers across five continents. It is an example of a great British business with a fantastic history of innovation under Andy Kemshall and Steve Watts’ stewardship.

Mo Stevens said: “Our objective is to identify good, robust, innovative UK businesses where we can see the potential for growth. When we looked at SecurEnvoy we saw all those components: great team, innovative, and well positioned in the market, and we are thrilled to be able to support the business on the next stage in its journey.”

Andy and Steve will continue to lead SecurEnvoy as a portfolio company within the Group and SecurEnvoy will be a key platform in supporting the Group’s strategy of providing digital resilience solutions.

More about SecurEnvoy can be found on their website at: www.securenvoy.com

30th May 2017

New Basingstoke office for Shearwater Group plc

In May, we opened a new office in Basingstoke, Hampshire. By establishing an office in the same location as SecurEnvoy we can directly support our wider offering, the SecurEnvoy team, channel partners and customers.

This office, in addition to the new SecurEnvoy offices recently opened in Germany and the US, will help provide an ideal platform from which we can focus on delivering our base and growth objectives.

Find out more about the new SecurEnvoy offices in Germany and USA.